Composing Myself

August 16, 2009

Trying to compose myself and find time to …. compose

There are many projects going on right now … and still much music to be written! We are finally laying down tracks for the Regi Hendrix project. Several brand new tunes and a couple of Jimi Hendrix covers on the agenda. The project has an interesting blend of blues rock and prog riffing.

I have also been working on some brand new music for the new Magic Elf album. Lot’s of new tunes … many tunes need to be completed, but a lot of new ideas on the table. (We actually have done a couple of rehearsals recently in preparation for a show on September 9th. The first Elf show in quite a while. We’ll be playing with the Travis Larson Band … an awesome instrumental rock band from California) At these rehearsals, I did get to jam on a few new tune ideas with the guys …

And of course, the Carl Roa Band has already been playing a few new tunes at our gigs. And I do have some CRB-centric ideas I need to work out with the band next time we are rehearsing.

Looks like a lot of new music coming out in 2010. Please stay tuned … till next time.



One Response to “Composing Myself”

  1. Ive never left my thoughts on a blog,but when I saw Carl playing on cable/demand, I was reminded of my friend jeff luellen(may he rest in peace). Ive been paying since right before I met jeff in 1991, im left handed but play right handed. he played just like carl and inspired me. Im at the point where I can play scales fast and clean,but there of my own making.Ive never had a lesson but after seeing Carl play im ready to meet him and learn i am at that piont-stuck but ready to step thru the next door to a higher level, even if its just a taste of the awsome way ive seen them make love to their axe and pour out beauty to thr ears around them-MONTANA

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