The problem with The Summer BBQ

August 2, 2009

Don’t get me wrong … I love summer BBQ’s … spending time with family and friends … all good. But having been assaulted at a few BBQ’s this summer, it prompted me to considering the problems with the “Summer BBQ”! Indeed, it is not overcooked burgers or dogs … unfortunately it is somthing far more insideous … much more grave and horrifying … yes … it is an over abundance of bad music.

Why must I be assaulted with the most contrite, homogonized crap I have ever heard at these events? Why do people own that music? Usually at volumes that would require a Marshall stack to drown out. Boy o’ boy … is that what the music industry has become? How did this happen? Why would someone listen to that crap?

What happened to the music industry? How did it come to be that they somehow felt this is what people wanted to hear? Why why why? Three cheers for the down fall of the recording industry, if that is what the industry is about! Churning out the most contrived garbage I could ever imagine. If I could somehow record the sound of combined excrement discharges, I still don’t think it would be as bad as the stuff I am hit with at these events. Truly horrid.

At some point along the way, the record industry went astray … I can only imagine that somehow they felt more money could be made by quickly churning out some quantized recording, basked in auto-tuned vocals. I guess if you don’t need to be able to sing or play, recordings can be put out quickly with less expense?

Going back to the 60’s and 70’s music, it seems as if their was much more great music being put out in rock and pop land.  The music seemed to have more feel and depth to it. More to enjoy. Somewhere along the path, the executives conned the general public that they could enjoy churned out plastic sounding music.

I believe, given the chance, their would be far less “BBQ assaults” IF the general public had a chance to hear a wider selection of music. Arguably, things may be changing these days as the record industry seems to be crumbling and indy labels and artists are leveling the playing field. In many regards, an indy artist can market in similar fashions to major labels.

I am hoping to attend a BBQ sometime soon, where Allan Holdsworth is blasting over the sound system, and the other crap is being packed up with the rest of the trash.


Till next time …



3 Responses to “The problem with The Summer BBQ”

  1. Doug Says:

    For years now I’ve had the ability, or rather gift of being able to tune out whatever crap is usually playing in the places I go to. Maybe not quite if it’s Marshall stack volume, but I’ll try. Fortunately there’s still some great music being recorded and released. Seems we have to weed through a lot more stuff to find it though.

    • carlroa Says:

      Hi Doug – That’s a great gift you have! I will usually attend weddings, party’s and clubs with a pair of custom molded ear plugs, just in case … You’re right, there is great music being recorded and released … you might have to search for it like you said. While he’s been around for a few years, I do really enjoy John Mayer’s music … great song writer.

  2. John Says:

    Thought about this for awhile…then I remembered a classic cover on one of my homebrew supply catalogs that relates…

    In case that doesn’t open, it reads ‘Join in the Fight Against Crappy Beer’

    We must stay strong in our fight for non-crappy music!

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