The benefits of consistent practice

July 13, 2009

Consistent practice time has only become more challenging to find as I’ve gotten older. As real life responsibilities and daily tasks take up much of a typical day.  It can be a real challenge to find time to pick up the guitar everyday … I wish I could take a magic pill and freeze my technique! That would be awesome. Of course, every player and person is different. We all have different bodies and capabilities. But for me, I need to practice everyday just to maintain where I am at.   I have always been jealous of players who seemingly do not need to keep a steady practice schedule to keep their chops up … or at least that’s what they tell me! But for me, I need to pick up the guitar everyday. Oddly, when I don’t play everyday, I feel like something is missing.  The music somehow seems to keep me centered.

The real goal, of course, it to be improving! As I grow as a musician, I find some of the best improvements can happen by playing live. Sometimes, due to limited time, I will spend most of a practice session with “chop maintenance”. Meaning, a technical workout to keep the dexeterity in place! If I get that done … it’s a good day!

In sum, I have found no subsitute for steady long term improvement, other than picking up the guitar everday and getting some time in. Skip a day …  and I feel it. That sucks!  Why does this instrument require so much attention?! LOL.

Enough chatter … back to the shed.


One Response to “The benefits of consistent practice”

  1. John Says:

    Speaking of ‘chops’ and the (wood)shed, as Snuffy Smith used to say…

    “I’m chop, chop, chop, chop, choppin’ with all’a my might”

    Keep up the good work Carl!

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